RIM hosting BlackBerry Enterprise application showcase on May 30th

For anyone that does development for enterprise applications, or is looking to get into the enterprise side of things, RIM will be hosting a BlackBerry Enterprise application showcase on May 30th.  The event will be held online, so there is no need to travel halfway around the world for this one, and it will look at some of the enterprise applications available from RIM partners like Citrix, SAP and Box.

The BlackBerry® Enterprise Application Showcase is a one-day virtual event that highlights key partner applications that are designed to fully enable a productive mobile office. This virtual conference offers all of the same benefits you’d experience attending a physical conference, all without ever leaving your desk.

  • Timely, Relevant Information – Gain key insights from the leading minds in enterprise mobility today.
  • Savvy Keynote Speakers – See innovative apps from top enterprise partners Citrix, SAP, and Box.
  • Instant Takeaway Collateral – Download all the relevant information to review and share
  • Real-time exhibitor interaction – Visit booths and ask questions in a content-rich virtual 3D environment

The event will start at  10:30am EST and will run until 2:30pm EST, so you will be getting a good deal of information in that 4 hour period.  To get more information or to register for the event you can click here. Hopefully RIM will hold more of these types of events to help developers hone their talents.