Evernote announces an update to their BlackBerry PlayBook app is coming soon

Evernote is a very popular application that people have used to take notes on their devices.   Today they announced that they would be releasing an update to their PlayBook application soon.  Hit the break for the info. The biggest problem with the current Evernote app is that it does not work very well with the OS 2.0 platform on the PlayBook.  The developers from Evernote have acknowledged this and have pledged to update the app and make it OS 2.0 “compatible”.  The Evernote crew took to their blog this week and said:

First off, we want to thank our users for keeping us on our toes over the past few months with the PlayBook, in particular PlayBookUser and Metroside, for continuing to maintain the pressure and engagement with us concerning Evernote for the Playbook. The process internally has been a long one, and we know that we have owed our users official messaging concerning the Playbook for some time.

With regard to the bug that has been essentially hobbling Evernote for the PB, this will be fixed soon, getting us back to a functioning version of EN on the PlayBook. In the mean time, we will be pulling the app from BlackBerry App World until the fix is confirmed.

One of the other work arounds that was mentioned was to sideload the Android version of Evernote on the PlayBook.

Hopefully this update will come sooner than later.