RIM turns way from the idea of licensing BlackBerry OS and BBM

There have been rumors floating around for almost a year now about RIM looking at potentially licensing the BlackBerry OS or in the least BBM.  Today there are now reports that RIM has decided to table the idea and focus on developing and releasing the new BlackBerry 10 OS and devices.  We had heard from some sources that RIM indeed was looking at taking BBM to other platforms like Android and potentially iOS, however we were not provided with any type of timeframe.

Today the Wall Street Journal has reported that indeed there was an internal team that was looking into the possibility of trying to bring some key features of BlackBerry, like BBM, to other platforms.

Executives came up with a specific BBM strategy that aimed to open up RIM’s proprietary network to other smartphone markers and carriers and license BBM as a service that could be used on a wide variety of devices including iPhones and Android phones, according to these people. The project was unofficially called “SMS 2.0” within the company, these people said.

Really this comes as no surprise since RIM did receive some very positive feedback from the recent BlackBerry World conference in Orlando where BB10 was initially shown off.  Apparently it was as soon as Thorsten Heins took over the CEO spot that the prospect of licensing BBM out to other platforms was squashed.

While it would be neat to see BBM on other platforms, with it being RIM’s “key app” there were many people and analysts that didn’t think doing so was a good idea.  Hopefully the launch of BB10 and the new devices will help RIM and BlackBerry regain much of that lost marketshare so that they do not ave to reconsider a move like this again.

Source:Wall Street Journal