Talk Clock App For The Playbook Plus Video Preview

Talk Clock App for the Playbook features a timer, messages, and raffler. With such a big screen it is easy to use the playbook as a timer and other people can also read the remaining time as well. This is a slightly different clock app then what we are used to.

hit the break for the video!

App Description:

With the Talk Clock App, conference and talk organizers can run events with:

A) TIMER, keep track of the time left for each talk, where the speaker can view the big numbers from long distances

B) MESSAGES, show big messages to the speaker (e.g. “GO FASTER”), so that you can guarantee he/she sees your messages during a talk

C) RAFFLER, use this tool to do fun raffles, choosing a range and making the process more exciting with an animation during the raffle

As event organizer, you can have someone holding the tablet (showing it to the speaker) so he/she can see the time left and see your messages. During the raffle, you can plug the tablet to the projector via HDMI and show its screen to the whole audience.

Buy it for $1.99 from Blackberry App World.