RIM updates their bbUI.js HTML5 Framework to v0.9.2

For any BlackBerry developers out there this is some important news.  RIM has updated their User Interface Framework for HTML5 WebWorks, bbUI.js, to v0.9.2 today.  The update brings along quite a few changes and additions that will help any BlackBerry devs to improve their apps that much more.  The most noticeable improvement in this version is in the BlackBerry 10 Grid and Image list options, which of course means that developers will be working hard on those BB10 apps that will be important for the launch.  Hit the break to check out the full changelog.

Notable Improvements

  • BlackBerry 10 Grid List
    • Now supports both square 1:1 and widescreen 16:9 image formats
    • Added press-and-hold context menu support
    • Only shows translucent overlay if either a title or sub-title is provided
    • Supports both solid and gradient headers
    • Header text justification added
  • Image List
    • Supports both solid and gradient headers for BlackBerry 10
    • Image display effects for BlackBerry 10
    • Added placeholder images for items without image content on all BlackBerry operating systems
    • Supports a “text only” mode on all BlackBerry operating systems
    • New touch and click highlighting to match BlackBerry 10 UX specifications
  • Ellipsis added to the end of long text in arrow and image lists
  • HTML5 input fields now supported in Label/Control containers
  • Added slider styling for BlackBerry 10 with some funky animation
  • Added progress indicators for all BlackBerry operating systems
  • New title bar support with buttons for BlackBerry 10
  • New radio button styling for BlackBerry 10 with some slip-and-slide animation

You can find out all the information on the BlackBerry DevBlog or you can just download the Framework and start working on those apps!