Job placement assistance available to former RIM employees

With the talk of layoffs at RIM I am sure that there are quite a few employees that are worrying about where their next paycheck will come from if they are one of the unlucky ones.  Thorsten Heins spoke of RIM looking to save around $1 billion this year, and of course that does mean job loss.  There have been reports that we may see layoffs in the thousand at RIM and this can be a tough time for any employees that may be under the knife.  Luckily there is a non-profit organization, Communitech, that is there to offer assistance.

During the last round of layoffs at RIM Communitech played a valuable role in helping many of the former RIM employees find jobs in the Waterloo area so that did not have to up-root their families.

“Most of those people who landed other jobs stayed in this area and were hired at large tech companies such as Desire2Learn, OpenText and Com Dev International”, said Karen Gallant, senior director of talent networks at the association, although mid-sized and smaller firms absorbed former RIM employees as well. Communitech received $100,000 in provincial funding last year specifically to support former RIM employees through its “TechVibe” recruitment events, online job-search programs, learning workshops, entrepreneurial boot camps and individual meetings. “People looking for work had skills ranging “across the board,” and included software developers, project managers, organizational development workers and human resources personnel”, Gallant said.

In a struggling economy it is nice to see organizations like Communitech helping those that are now jobless and staring down a dark tunnel and uncertain of their future.

Source: TheRecord via Crackberry