Free Context Cube 3D Beta Gives Your Social Feeds A Spin for the Blackberry Playbook!

I have to admit the concept of this application is pretty cool, Context 3D Beta give you all you data from your preexisting social networks and compiles it in a rich 3D Shape to see it all. Now remember this application is in beta so hit the jump to download it and let the developer how it can be improved. Have you considered the capability to do all the below in ONE app:
• View Social Networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
• Media – Locally stored & Online Music (MP3Tunes)
• Play your online music while you navigate through 3D cubes – no app switching required!!
• News
• Geocode mapping your contacts using Google Maps
• Analytical Tools that give you insights into your Social and Work life
• 3 Dimensional layout that lets you switch between contexts WITHIN a SINGLE app
• Run the app the whole day as your dashboard
• Shake your Playbook to refresh ALL your data at once!

Context cube provides an enhanced layer of functionality on your BlackBerry® PlayBook™. While the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ is a multitasking masterpiece; we’ve managed to leverage the platform and provide users with a single dashboard that gives access to their most important data WITHOUT app switching – we call it ‘application binding’.

Download Context Cube 3D Beta from Blackberry App World