IDC predicts Windows Phone will surpass BlackBerry by 2016

While Android and iOS are fighting over the top spot in the mobile market share, the bronze medal is currently up for contention as well.  The IDC has released a new report today that shows where they believe the mobile market is trending through to 2016.  Their reason for giving Windows Phone an edge over BlackBerry is based on the success and penetration that has been seen with the Lumia 900 from Nokia.

Now of course we have yet to see the release of BlackBerry 10, so I feel that this numbers will change drastically with that launch.  While the IDC sees RIM and BlackBerry staying relatively stagnant, moving from 6% to 5.95, they believe that Windows Phone is going to see a drastic jump from 5.2% up to 19.2%.  That drastic a jump even puts Windows Phone holding more market share than iOS come 2016, which I can’t see being realistic at this time, but people tend to change their mobile preferences from year to year.

The launch of Windows 8 and Apollo for Windows Phone is definitely garner quite a bit of attention from mobile users, but I am not sure if it will be enough to make people leave iOS and Android for Windows.  What do you think?  Please let us know with a comment.