Test Your Music Knowledge with Beat The Intro for BlackBerry Smartphones!

Do you love music? Do you love music as much as we Nerds do? I start off in the morning using my 7Digital Music Store on my Blackberry Playbook, then on the drive to work I definitely go with BBMusic using my new Blackberry Music Gateway. Well if your like me you think you’re that good you can test your music knowledge with Beat The Intro is a fun game for BlackBerry smartphones where you have to guess the song playing as quick as possible to get a higher score.

Game Description:

Jump into Beat The Intro® and test your music knowledge!

Simple, addictive and fun, guess the song as quick as you can by listening to the clip and rack up a high score!

Chart music, Golden Oldies and Classics that will take you back are all covered in Beat The Intro®, spanning many eras and are tailored to all musical styles and tastes.

Compete with your friends over the Blackberry® BBM network and top their high scores in the Multiplayer feature!

Regular updates with new packs and features to choose from, all downloadable from the Beat The Intro® store. Pick from a wide selection of carefully constructed packs from your favorite musical eras and artists and play away! Watch out for free giveaways, prizes and promotional codes from your favorite artists!

Beat The Intro® is the best new way to discover new music and support your favorite artists. With a simple touch, purchase your top tracks through the 7Digital® music store.

Download Beat The Intro from Blackberry App World