iOS Emulator (Brine) for PlayBook Gets Caught on Film!


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Well here we have a video that is showing off a new emulator for the BlackBerry PlayBook called Brine. Brine is an iOS emulator that is meant to bring iOS applications to the BlackBerry PlayBook. The developer behind Brine is Bubble Wrap. Bubble Wrap reached out to Sacha (one of the devs behind DingleBerry) about Brine last year.

According to OSBB Chris Wade (another dev behind DingleBerry) is working on porting his own iOS emulator, iEmu, to the PlayBook. No this is huge news for all of you PlayBook owners out there , but at this time it does not look like this will be released to the public. Why you ask well, seeing that Apple is a big hater when it comes to things like this you can bet your butt that they will figure out a way to block this. Let us know what you think about the video in the comments!