Video: Playbook Printing With Mobile Innovations MPA Casemaker

Mobile Innovations President Gary Bauer discusses in the video how they have put together a portable printing package that is useful for agencies who need to print important documents on the go using the Playbook. Police, fire, ems etc, would most likely to be the ones to utilize this service. The package includes the PlayBook, keyboard, drivers license scanner, magstripe scanner, printer and power supply for about $2500.

Mobile Innovations President Gary Bauer talks about MPAcasemaker and how its portable printing solution for PlayBook QNX has caught on not only with law enforcement, but also with EMS, fire, municipal and utility users – any agency who needs to print forms such as tech diagrams, medical reports, floor plans and receipts via secure access to databases. See MPACmaker`s PlayBook and BlackBerry printing, secure data access and other capabilites at the T-Mobile Soutions Expo, June 12 and 13 at Mall of America, Bloomington MN. Call 416-889-997 for details.