Top 10 Smartphone Apps for Networking BlackBerry Users

Inside BlackBerry recently posted their top 10 apps for BlackBerry Users who are interested in maximizing their Networking potential.  This list is very detailed and covers a vast majority of the apps. The first app to make the list was Concur which is an expense management and travel application.

The nice thing about this application is that you can track expenses, trips, and even mileage.  If you are interested in this app you can get it here.

Next up is Minute Saver. This app is designed to minimize the overages you would have if you are roaming and need to make phone calls. It notifies the user once you have reached a certain point during the call duration.   You can pick up Minute Saver here.

Another crowd favorite is Poynt.

Poynt is a all around great app that gives users access to a whole slew of different information, ranging from reverse phone lookup all the way to locating the cheapest gasoline in your area.  Personally I believe that Poynt is a must have for all BlackBerry users.  You can download it here.

Another great application is Wikitude. This application allows users to discover new and cool things via augmented reality.

You can find articles, localized tweets and so much more.  In addition to all of that you can also connect this app to your BBM and show your BBM contacts exactly what you are doing with Wikitude.  Wikitude is available here.

Dropbox also made the list.  Dropbox is a cloud storage based application that will allow you to collaborate with people all around the world and share your files.

In addition to having the ability to keep things with you on the go, if you download DropBox for BlackBerry you get 2GB of free storage to use between your BlackBerry and any computers. You can pick up Dropbox for BlackBerry here.

Card2Contact is another app that will help all BlackBerry users that are trying to maximize their networking capabilities.  We covered Card2Contact during the BB10Jam coverage here.

Evernote is also a great app for people who need to take notes at a conference or meeting.

It also allows you to organize everything in one quick and easy application. Evernote is available here.

If you have a NFC enabled BlackBerry such as the 9900/9930 another app that you should have in your briefcase is ItsMe!.

The great thing about this app is that it saves you so much time because you tap your phones together and share all of your information from your VCard quickly and efficiently.   ItsMe! is available here.

The last Application on Inside BlackBerry’s Top 10 List is allows users to schedule meetings without having to send emails, make phone calls or any of those tedious tasks. also is compatible with most of the major email clients that are available today. is available here.