Review: ChillTab2 from ChillBed Industries


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Have you ever watched a movie or played a game on your PlayBook and notice the device is getting warm to the touch? It has happened to me and I really do not want to sit there with a fan blowing on my PlayBook to keep it cool… That is where the ChillTab2 from ChillBed Industries comes in. The ChillTab2 is an all aluminum universal tablet stand that will hold every tablet out there as well as some of the smartphones on the market. The ChillTab2 is now one of my most favorite accessories I currently own.

The ChillTab2 is very sleek and stylish when it comes to design (black and silver). One of the best things this stand has to offer outside of the high quality aluminum construction is the hole that is cutout to allow you to plug your tablet in and keep it charging when you are watching a movie or video conferencing.  Watching a movie, video conferencing and gaming are extremely hard on the battery so it make a lot of sense to place something there so it can charge your device easier.

Stock description:

ChillTab2™ Tablet Stand

The ChillTab2™ Universal Tablet Stand is perfect for getting your iPad or tablet out of your hands and onto a secure stand. The ChillTab™ will hold any tablet, even with a case or cover. Designed with the kitchen in mind, The ChillTab2™ raises your tablet so you can enjoy movies, blogs, video conferencing and games.
The ChillTab2™ – bringing elegance and design together. Visit our store.

The ChillTab2 from ChillBed Industries retails for only $34.99 CAD and can be purchased here:

Here is a bit of background information about ChillBed Industries:

ChillBed™ Industries is a Canadian company that manufactures and distributes the well known ChillBed™ laptop cooling stand. We have expanded our line of aluminum stands to include The ChillTab™ tablet stands. Two great multi-positional tablet stands designed to fit all tablets including the Apple iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy and Dell tablets.

ChillBed offers a great line of products ranging from table stands to laptop stands all made with high quality aluminum You can see all of their products here: