David Balmer Leaves webOS Developer Relations Team for a New Life with RIM

Former product manager, engineer for webOS Developer Relations team for Palm/HP, David Balmer (@balmer) has left for a brighter future with RIM. David Balmer is now the Senior BlackBerry Developer Evangelist for RIM.

David Balmer stated the follow on his Blog:

I’m joining the BlackBerry Developer Evangelist team, with pretty much the same mission: get web developers into making great mobile HTML5 stuff (apps or otherwise). Now that I think about it, there is one other similarity to my job at Palm: great people. Everyone I’ve met at RIM so far has been top notch. And while I’ll miss working with my former webOS Developer Relations teammates (except for Joshua Granick, who moved to RIM as well), I’ll still see you all at HTML5 conferences, mobile meetups and, of course, BlackBerry developer events (c’mon, we all know you’re going to come and take a peek at BB10).

So why did he leave Palm/HP?

  • While webOS fell behind the market leaders in HTML5 support, RIM has pushed forward. In fact, the early BlackBerry 10 (BB10) browser looks to be top dog. Today, HTML5 Test gives it a whopping score of 447. This is a higher score than iOS 5 (324), higher still than Android 4 (273), and even slightly higher than the top desktop browser score (Chrome Canary with 442). Source: http://html5test.com/results/mobile.html
  • RIM gets that web developers can and should be equal citizens with native developers. For the past two years, they’ve been steadily moving towards complete system access parity between c/c++, Adobe Air, and Java (Android flavor). In other words, they support more tools for developers to make great apps than anyone else in the mobile space today.
  • As a user, BB10 itself is damn awesome. It has some of goodies I liked from webOS, iOS and even Win7; but all streamlined and more functional. Plus, there are even more unique features and slick interactions which help put it way over the top in my book…. and it’s not even released yet. I haven’t been this excited about a mobile platform in a long while, and judging from meeting a ton of other excited developers at a BlackBerry 10 Jam, I’m not the only one.

At this time we want to welcome Dave Balmer to #teamblackberry!!