Galaxy on Fire 2 HD From Fishlabs Gets Postponed Until Mid-July

Fishlabs Entertainment has let us know that they have postponed the release of their popular iOS game Galaxy on Fire HD 2 for the BlackBerry PlayBook until mid-July. At this time there is no mention of the reasoning behind the delay but you can rest assure that the gameplay will be almost identical to the iOS version of the game. The controls, however, have been optimized in order to guarantee a perfect gaming experience on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Fishlabs Entertainment, the Hamburg-based developer of 3D premium games for smartphones and tablets, announces a new release date for the mobile sci-fi benchmark title Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™: Since a number of additional issues, such as the fine-tuning of the in-game economy and the addition of in-app purchases, made it impossible for Fishlabs to release the title at the end of May, as originally planned, the award-winning outer space shooter’s launch on the App World has now been postponed to mid-July 2012.


In terms of gameplay, story and graphics, the PlayBook version of Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD will be almost identical with the iOS version of the game, which is already available for iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and the new iPad. The controls, however, have been optimized in order to guarantee a perfect gaming experience on the BlackBerry PlayBook. All recent updates of the best-selling iOS version of Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD have already been integrated into the PlayBook version and will henceforth be available for the BlackBerry gaming community right from the start.


About Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD:

In Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD, the gamer is able to explore a vast universe with more than 20 star systems, 100 different space stations and over 30 fully mountable space ships, as well as follow an exciting story line with full voice acting and take on an infinite number of diversified freelance missions. The title’s epic plot puts the gamer right in the middle of the hard-fought struggle for survival of the galaxy’s four major factions, namely the Terrans, Midorians, Nivelians and Vossk. Due to a malfunction of his ship’s hyperdrive, Keith T. Maxwell, the hero of the first instalment of the series, is catapulted through space and time. 35 years into the future, he awakens at the far end of the galaxy and quickly realizes that a lot has changed during his absence. An aggressive alien menace known as Voids is lurking on the edge of known space and using sophisticated wormhole technology to raid cargo ships and convoys of all four factions. The unstable peace between the factions is on the line and Keith is the only one who can save the universe from its impending descend into chaos.

  • my son plays this on the iPhone 3gs, to be honest I do too.

  • Marvin Sydney Hanson

    And soon you’ll play this game on pb 😀