Theme Review: iLike by Bbtdesigns for OS5/OS6/OS7

One of the best-selling themes in our Nerdberry App Store is iBerry, which of course takes its styling cues from iOS and the iPhone.  I decided that I wanted to take a look at the lesser known iOS inspired themes to see what they bring to the table.  I decided to take a closer look at iLike by Bbtdesigns and see what this iOS styled theme would look like on an older BlackBerry.  As of late most theme reviews we have seen are being done on a OS7 device, where as I am sure there is still a large group of people who are still using OS6 devices.  So I grabbed my Curve 9300 and got to work.

First of all I am not the biggest fan of iOS styled themes on my BlackBerry.  I figure if you love the look of iOS that much you should really consider getting a iPhone, in the same context I would never put a BlackBerry styled theme on a jailbroken iPhone, I just don’t see the point of it.  However despite my personal opinion on this matter, once I had loaded up iLike I realized that perhaps I was being a little too judgmental of the theme without even trying it.  The theme is not that huge, at only 1.1 MB, which is good to see on a memory deprived 9300.  The icons that you see on first reboot cannot be mistaken for anything other than iOS style, but it wasn’t an over-powering iOS theme.


This theme does have a ton of features, so much so that it can be a little daunting at first.  Here is the full list of features that Bbtdesigns lists on the product page.


* [NEW] Embossed banner font!
* User-defineable font.
* Custom Call and Lock screens.
* Highest quality graphics.
* Hideable icons, icon names and Today panel.
* Unique never before seen animations on the Home screen.
* Set unique wallpapers for Lock and Home screens.
* Immersive experience – even Message icons are skinned.
* Options Panel – click the settings cog icon (leftmost icon above the dock) to choose from an array of options.

Weather slot support.
Place your weather app* in the second slot on your Apps page. You can then toggle the iOS-style weather icon from the Home screen Options Panel (the cog icon above the dock).
* You must have a third party weather application installed for weather to show – such as Berryweather Free

Clickable Banner.
Time opens Clock/Alarm, Notifications opens Messages, Banner opens Profiles, Signal opens Manage Connections, Battery opens Options.

Home Screen Shortcuts:
(Spacebar) – Show icons
(Escape) – Hide icons
(Alt-3) – Today area (optional)

Touchscreen Specific:
On touchscreen, press where the icons will be to show them.
To hide/show the dock, toggle in Home screen Options Panel, then press to the left above the dock. On Torch, simply move the trackpad away from the dock.

Additional Home screen Shortcuts:
(0) Very first icon on application page
(L) Profiles
(K) Calendar
(O) Options
(M) Messages
($) SMS
(@) Manage Connections

Now one thing to remember is that if you don’t familiarize yourself with all the shortcuts and options on this theme, it will seem a little lack lustre.  However once you realize everything that was built into this theme it is hard to not like it.  You get all the old standards like a weather slot, and Today area as well as some nifty tricks.  For example you are able to set a separate lock screen wallpaper simply by renaming whichever image you want as “iLikelock”, this is a very nice touch that the developer put into this theme.

When you dig a little deeper this theme is full of all kinds of customizations that allow the user to make it their own.  From simply things like changing the color of the dock, to being able to hide dock with a simple swipe on the trackpad.  You are also able to eliminate the icon names text, which is something that I look for on every theme as I truly enjoy a more minimal look to my phone.

Now while I tested this on a 9300, I can tell you that this theme would look even more impressive on a 9900 or one of the newer BlackBerry 7 devices that have resolution on their screens.  While the colors of the icons did “pop” on my 9300, you can just tell that they will look that much better on a newer device.  All around I was very happy with this theme and all the customizations that come with it, however I am a little wary to recommend anyone spend $5.99 on it.  While I personally would pay that much for this theme, I am not sure if many others would.  If you are looking for a theme that will definitely please, and don’t mind spending a little extra I highly suggest you give iLike from Bbtdesigns a try as I don’t think you will be disappointed. You can grab your copy of iLike from Bbtdesigns from the NerdBerry App Store for $5.99