Check Out RIM’s Earnings Preview Before June 28th

SeekingAlpha actually created the graph to the left, as well as some charts and other info. They are not official numbers, but pretty close to what can be expected when RIM reports the final numbers June 28th. Looking at the numbers, they aren’t really surprising, the last year there has been a decline as well as many layoffs and management changes. Still a ways from Blackberry 10 being released. So realistically I don’t see the numbers increasing unless RIM does really well with the new devices. Keep in mind all the Blackberry 7 devices are coming up on almost a year old now for some.

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Research In Motion Ltd has a market cap of $5.56 billion and it is currently trading around $10.6 with a 52 week range of $9.57 to $35.94. The stock has fallen 26.9% year to date. The following table provides the key financial ratios for Research In Motion Ltd:

Key Ratio Value
Current Ratio 2.08
PEG 0.82
P/E 4.77
Forward P/E 18.6
Profit Margin 6.31%
Return On Assets (ROA) 8.75%
Return On Equity (ROE) 12.23%

Name Research In Motion Ltd Apple Inc Ericsson Nokia Corp Google Inc
Price $10.60 $585.78 $8.94 $2.51 $570.85
Year-To-Date Price -69.18% 76.57% -33.80% -58.25% 12.82%
Market Capitalization $5.7B $536.8B $26.4B $9.2B $184.0B
Earnings per Share 2.22 41.01 0.78 -0.87 32.98
Total Revenue $18.4B $142.4B $32.3B $45.5B $40.0B
Employees (Full-Time) 16500 63300 104525 130050 32467