RIM to Begin Airing ‘Summer Daze with BlackBerry’ to UK Viewers!

As a apart of their new marketing campaign RIM is going to the heart of its consumer focus of 18-25 year old with a new ‘structured reality’ TV series entitled the “Summer Daze with Blackberry” it will air on Channel 4, that will follow a group of music fans around to summer festivals,
“The eight-part ‘Summer Daze with BlackBerry’ service will focus on several 18-25 year olds. BlackBerry will offer multi-platform coverage with an online hub for the show on its site, offering exclusive content.
Richard Ashley, UK marketing director at BlackBerry-manufacturer Research in Motion, said: ‘Celebrating people who make things happen goes to the heart of our brand.”

BlackBerry has previously run an ad-funded, music-related TV show called Live and Lost with Blackberry, which featured music artists attempting to travel hundreds of miles to their concerts with only the help of fans.