Amplify For Blackberry App Says It Will Make Your Blackberry More Efficient

Amplify is one of those apps that you don’t even realize you need until it’s shown to you. Say you’re in your emails reading one and it mentions an appointment, you have to go out of the email and into the calender app. With Amplify you can still access the calendar without leaving the emails. It’s a status bar that you drag down and access the information.

App Description:

Amplify helps make your BlackBerry more efficient by providing access to information and commands without
leaving your current app. For example, check your calendar and create appointments without leaving your email.

Amplify was created from the desire to have an action on the BlackBerry that mimics the PlayBook gesture to show the status bar.
With Amplify on your BlackBerry, you can pull down a status bar from most applications by using one of the
physical keys on the side. In addition to this quick access to information, you can do more faster by using the best
feature of the BlackBerry smartphone, the physical keyboard. With the Amplify status bar displayed, you can type commands
to access even more information or create new information. There are times when typing something can be faster
then navigating a screen, and Amplify makes this true. With Amplify, you can create a new calendar
appointment and new task faster than with the native BlackBerry applications.

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