RIM’s Blackberry 10 Inspires a New Generation of Developers

With the new release of the Blackberry SDK for the Blackberry 10 platform, RIM has really been pushing for development, the relationship between RIM and Developer has made thing easier for both parties. At the BlackBerry 10 Jam software developer conference in Toronto Thursday, Martyn Mallick, vice-president of global alliances and business Development at Research in Motion Ltd., told his audience that the new BB10 SDK was designed for them “from the ground up.”

“It really is an application development platform,” said Mallick. “What does that mean? It means that developers get to build their application from the technology that is most relevant and suitable for them.”

With the new push and availability for development choices such as C or C+ developers would benefit from the Cascades UI framework, while the platform’s top-notch HTML5 capabilities would keep Web developers happy. BlackBerry and PlayBook are “at the very top of the charts for HTML5, “ he added, for “compatibility, fidelity [and] performance.”

Mallick described what RIM the Three New BlackBerry 10 focuses. The first is “flow,” a would be seamless integration within and across application. The second, “connect,” he described as things like “ BBM integration within the BlackBerry market” as well as links to social networks. Those BBM Social applications that we love. Finally: “extend.” BlackBerry applications should be able to interact with all manner of other devices, he said, from smart phones to smart cars.

RIM has really been pushing the envelope for development for the Blackberry Playbook. Using the app player, Android developers can port their applications to the Blackberry Playbok. RIM is pushing developer to develop using the Blackberry 10 OS and soon to be unreleased Blackberry BB10 devices. RIM is pushing the development, with sessions, from the Blackberry DevCon and now they are opening up App Express and now using Handster (a division of Opera Software to make things even easier for developers

Ryan Robinson is vice-president of Causer Technology, commented on the “beauty” of BB10, “It’s being able to work in all the different frameworks, some very low-level, very powerful ones, and some very high-level simple ones,” he said.

“It just does a lot of the design elements for you very well.”

Mahmood Riyadh, a BlackBerry developer and president from Devcellent Solutions. Whom of which created an application that allows Blackberry users to superimposes small pieces of artwork in digital images and share them with friends.

After giving BB10 Dev Alpha Simulator a test run, he said that the ease of use has definitely improved. “You don’t have to worry about various nitty-gritty things. You just have to worry about your innovation.”

The new versatility of the SDK is much better and easier than that of iOS.

Martyn Mallick is optimistic of RIM and the future of RIM. He is looking forward to BB10 and the positiveness that it can bring. From a media standpoint and the thought on everyones mind of RIM demise to rebuilding.

“They love carnage, but they love a comeback story even more.”