Smart Lock For Blackberry App

Smart Lock for Blackberry is for devices with the touch screen. You swipe your finger across to unlock your phone. Having the swipe lock will keep you from pocket dialing. You can also customize the swipe screen color scheme and see notification when you turn the screen on.

App Description:

This app helps you prevent unwanted key-presses, phone-calls and much more!

This app automatically locks your keyboard and shows you a beautiful “Slide to unlock” screen – simply swipe your finger (just like other smartphones!) and unlock your BlackBerry®. The app works on non-touch devices as well!

The app also have the feature to change your profile without unlocking the device by simply swipe your finger.

Feature Included in this app are:
– BlackBerry® Messenger, SMS and Email notifications even see senders name for SMS and Email!
– Switch between any two profiles with the swipe of a finger
– Fully customize screen with custom backgrounds, font colors and icon colors
– Lock on call, on device start, on lock key, or after a timeout
– Allow emergency calls to any number while locked
– Add to System Menu for quick locking
– Optional sounds on unlock
-Option of choosing in which apps you want to disable this app.

Buy it for $1.99 from Blackberry App World.