FREE Game: Poker Reels for BlackBerry PlayBook

If you are like me and like to gamble a bit you will be completly happy with this new “video poker” game for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Poker Reels is a cross between Video Poker and a slot machine. Game play is similar to Video Poker, but the presentation uses hi-res card images on a set of 5 spinning reels. These reels give an overall look and feel of a slot machine. You place a bet, and tap the Deal button. The reels spin, and stop at random positions representing 5 cards of a poker hand. Tap the reels to hold any cards as desired, and tap the Draw button. The reels you are not holding spin again, for one more chance to form a winning poker hand. The combination of cards from this second spin determines your winnings, if any.

This app does not support or encourage gambling. Credits that you win have no value outside the game.

The app features include:

  • multiple game selection (Jacks or Better, All American, Deuces Wild)
  • statistics kept across game sessions
  • high-resolution graphics
  • online help available on our website, linked from within the game

Head on over to App World and grab Poker Reels for free!