Review: Seidio Innocell 3000mAh Extended Life Battery for the Bold 9900/9930


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Have you ever been out and about and realized your BlackBerry was on the verge of dying, no wall outlet or power block in sight? Well I know this has happened to myself many of times. I do tend to carry my wall charger as well as a power block with me , but there are times that I do not have them… So once it’s dead it’s dead. I have tried many different charging solutions and there have been a few that worked well but they lacked something, that something is portability. Let me introduce you to the The Seidio Innocell 3000mAh Extended Life Battery for the Bold 9900/9930!

With the stock OEM battery for the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 clocking in at 1230 mAh I average about 5-6 hours on one charge, I am what they call an Extreme BlackBerry Abuser or EBA for short. The Seidio Innocell Extended Life Battery is clocks in at 3000mAh!!! Since I am an EBA the Seidio Innocell 3000mAh Extended Life Battery last me an average about 18-24 hours on one charge.

There is of course a “break in” period for the battery and it goes a little something like this: “In order to obtain the full capacity of your Seidio battery, we highly recommend that you leave the battery/your phone on the charger for an additional 2-3 hours after the charging indicator turns green or the battery status shows full. Continue for 5-6 charging cycles for optimal performance.”

Now that being said there is just a couple of quarks the battery has, the first one is that this battery DOES NOT support NFC, this is not really a big deal for most people as NFC is still taking off. The second is interesting to say the least, during the “break in” process when I hit about ten to twenty percent left I would plug in as directed. Now after plugging in my clock would flash on my Bold 9900 screen and I would of course get off the screen and boom with in five seconds I am back to fifty percent of battery life. After seeing this I reached out my my good friend over at Seidio and here is his response: ” The battery meter on the device will not be able to fully detect the capacity of the battery. When you get to the red, you really still have ~50% battery still.”  So my next question was is there a way to adjust this? The answer was simple: The reason this happens is due to the size of the battery so basically your stock battery is sitting at 1230 mAh and the Seidio battery is sitting at 3000 mah the BlackBerry is designed to read your stock OEM battery. So, “Over time as you learn how the battery operates, you should be able to get a better feel of how much power you have left.”

With that said I decided to try something… I did the full charge cycle and I unplugged my Bold 9900 and let it run. I used it all day and night at about 6 PM I hit the red and started to panic a bit as I would have plugged in when it hit the yellow. I did not plug in and let it continued you to run. according to MeterBerry I was sitting at 9% and had about 15 minutes left before the battery died, again this happened at 6PM. The battery DID NOT die in the 15 minutes MeterBerry said it actually ran for another five or six hours!

Final Thoughts:

The Seidio Innocell 3000mAh Extended Life Battery for the Bold 9900/9930 is well worth the $69.95 price tag. I have spoken to a few people that already have the battery and some of them are getting a full two days out of it, now mind you they are not an EBA like myself. All in all I am planing on picking up a second one for my AT&T Bold 9900 in the very near future. We suggest you pick one or two up for your BlackBerry Bold 9900!

Stock description:

Tired of running out of battery life when you need it the most? When you can’t get to an outlet, our Innocell Super Extended Life Batteries will keep you moving forward. Our Extended Life Batteries utilize premium Japanese cells to ensure the highest levels of safety and performance. Extended Life Batteries can offer up to 100% more battery life than your stock battery.*

  • Comes with a black replacement door featuring Seidio’s signature soft touch coating
  • Keeps your phone charged and ready to go, even with heavy phone and data usage
  • Compatible with your Bold without a cloning kit — Works right out of the box
  • Capacity: 3000mAh
  • Compatible with our Spring-Clip Holster

Seidio Innocell 3000mAh Extended Life Battery for the Bold 9900/9930 retails for $69.95 on Seidio’s website