Specs/UI Leaked: BlackBerry 10 L-Series (All Touch) & N-Series (W/QWERTY Keyboard)

We have been dying for a better glimpse in to Research In Motion’s next BlackBerry device, BlackBerry 10! We have already seen the BlackBerry Dev Alpha in all of it’s glory but in this newly leaked slide you will see a bit more in to the next generation BlackBerry device.

We already know that the BlackBerry London and Nevada have been in final production, but the codenames have changed to the BlackBerry L-series and N-series.

BlackBerry L-series:

  • 768×1280 screen resolution
  • 55mm wide
  • 356 PPI

The L Series will have the same type of screen as the Dev Alpha, if you have not played with the Dev Alpha trust us when we say it has the most brilliant screen available.

BlackBerry N-series:

  • 720×720 screen resolution
  • 52 – 53mm wide
  • 330 PPI


The BlackBerry N-series; codenamed Nevada,Will be the first BlackBerry 10 device with a physical QWERTY keyboard. The N-series is said to rock an OLED screen but could use LED.

We can’t wait to get our hands on these devices and see what the full BlackBerry 10 experience will hold.


Via: N4BB