RIM Joins Application Developers Alliance, Sends Email To Registrants

RIM sent an email letting developers know that they had joined the Application Developers Alliance. The ADA is actually fairly new, only having started January 2012 with AT&T being the biggest company associated with them.

Check out the email summary below:
The Application Developers Alliance is the voice of the development industry. We’ve joined the Alliance as a corporate partner, and invite you to join for free adding yourself to the network of nearly 7,000 independent developers who are coming together to help define our industry. Start benefiting from your free membership with discounts, event calendars, job postings and more!

About The Alliance
The Application Developers Alliance is a nonprofit services organization dedicated to supporting software developers of every type, across all languages and platforms. Anyone who creates software or is invested in bringing great ideas to market can be a member of the Apps Alliance.

Check out the Developer page for more info.