BlackBerry still ruling the enterprise market in Latin America

While RIM and the BlackBerry brad have been slowly losing their foothold in the enterprise market in most of North America, it seems that BlackBerry is still ruling in Latin America. The IDC recently conducted a survey of Mexico’s largest companies (250 employees or more) and found that BlackBerry is still the “go to” brand for enterprise with 79.4% of the companies currently using BlackBerry.

The IDC also looked at several other large companies (1000+ employees) in Latin America and found that BlackBerry is dominant all over.

  • Venezuela 84.6%
  • Mexico 79.4%
  • Chile 75.1%
  • Colombia 74.4%
  • Argentina 67.9%
  • Peru 67.4%
  • Brasil 47%

According to the IDC the reason RIM is continuing to excel in Latin America is that these companies are very concerned with security and obviously RIM is still unparalleled on this front.

Source: isopixcell