RIM not interested in being under the Microsoft Umbrella

After yesterday’s Q1 earnings call and press release even more and more rumors and theories have started to be raised about the future of RIM.  While they are not currently about to close the doors, there are many analysts out there that believe it is just a matter of time before this happens.  According to an article on Reuters, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has made inquiries as to whether or not RIM would interested in a deal similar to the one Nokia got.

If such a deal was to go through this would mean that we could see Windows Phone running on BlackBerry hardware. However the RIM board of directors apparently has quite a bit of faith in the power of BlackBerry 10 and have refused any offers from Ballmer and Microsoft. Even though we are now going to have to wait till the first part pf 2013 before we see a BlackBerry 10 device, the higher-ups at RIM truly believe that this new operating system could turn things around.

“We came to the decision that joining the family of the Android players, for example, would not fit RIM’s strategy and its customers,” he said. “We are not trying to be one of many. We’re trying to be different. We’re trying to be the best solution for our customers that buy a BlackBerry, know why they want a BlackBerry. And we’re aiming for nothing less than being a viable, successful, mobile computing platform of the future. This is what we’re aiming at. And I think that’s the difference. If you compare us with others, did we take the hard rod? Absolutely. Absolutely. But having done this and building and completing this new mobile computing platform that then expresses itself as a smartphone or as a tablet or as a vertical application or embedded in cars, whatever you want to do, that is where we will take BlackBerry. And this is – that’s why it was absolutely required and necessary to build its own platform. I would argue the other way around. If I continue to rely on somebody else’s OS and somebody else’s platform, would that allow me in the long run to really differentiate towards my customers and provide them the services and the environment that they request from me and that they would like to have? I have a big question mark around this. So I think going this way and building the platform we are building has the absolute intent to serve our customers and our markets better than on a standard-based OS and platform.”

I for one am glad that RIM is holding their ground and not simply selling out the highest bidder.  I would definitely shed a tear if I were to see RIM sell off all their hard work to simply see Windows Phone 8 be placed on their awesome hardware.