RIM Under Mounting Pressure to Split Company, Partner With Microsoft with BB10 Delay?

Yesterday Reserch In Motion nnounced in the earnings report that Blackberry 10 devices will be delayed until 2013, this is not the exciting news that many Blackberry lovers and users and Nerds alike were too happy to hear. With RIM’s new focus on the new Blackberry 10 OS, as well as the rumored devices to run with such an OS all riding on the success of RIM in the future amongst the other fruit and robotic competitors alike, the delay isn’t welcome and a few analyst have weighed in on what they think RIM next move should be.

Reuters is reporting that RIM’s board is under mounting pressure to take drastic action. One of the options that it considers, from a source close to the company is to, split the company into hardware and software solutions, and that they should sell off the latter, to such. Meaning those other rival fruit and robotic companions would see such Blackberry services such as Push Email, NOC Services, and possibly BBM.

But another, idea was proposed as well, was the option is to partner up with Microsoft — much like Nokia — and introduce Blackberry Devices to the Windows Phone operating system. According to Reuters, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer proposed this approach previously with RIM:

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had approached RIM in recent months, looking to strike a partnership similar to the one the software giant has with Nokia Oyj, the sources said. Under that partnership, Nokia will use Microsoft’s latest Windows operating system on its smartphones.

In such a scenario, RIM could also look for Microsoft to buy a stake in the company and fund marketing and other expenses, the sources said.

This is now welcoming new RIM however has reported that they are not too keen on losing their assets nor their independence in the mobile market, CEO Thorsten Heins believes in and is optimistic for the success of the new Blackberry 10 Devices to market without having to split nor sell a chunk of Research In Motion.

Personally I do not believe that RIM is seriously considering these options but sources say that they are. It is rumored that RIM needs an outside company to give RIM the bounce back that they need. I personally believe that RIM can and will stand on it on two feet, alone. I, @K_Mart_ tweeted “RIM will remain strong new CEO, new Os, New Blackberry 10 devices they’ll be fine” and this still holds true today.

What do you think RIM’s next move should be?