This has all happened before, and this will all happen again by @BBSuperAbuser – #BIM

I just received this link to an article wrote by a great friend and fellow BlackBerry abuser AKA @BBSuperAbuser. BBSuperAbuser is the mastermind behind the QuickBerry Podcast. The following was just to hard to resits not posting on NerdBerry so here it is in it’s entirety:

After the events of yesterday, I began to remember a little computer and software company, and how the coffin of this company had been lowered into the ground, and dirt being shoveled into the grave, before the patient was even dead. And how this company had begun a grueling, and gruesome, climb out of its tomb.

While listening to the Q1 Research In Motion earnings call, I began to panic. This is it, we’re bleeding cash now! We don’t have time for another delay! How could you throw the company away like that! I felt betrayed, stabbed in the heart from behind in a dank back alley.

I began to plan my exodus from the sinking ship, not just thinking about whether I should go. I was picking out my next device. Hmm, that Galaxy Nexus III looks like some decent tech. “Hold it, you can’t stand Andriod.” Who the hell is that? “You need to think about this, idiot.” What do you mean? “Remember Apple.” I’m not a fan os iOS. “Morons! I’m working with morons! No, back to when Apple was dead.”

I began to look for any info I could find about what happened. Large media outlets missed a great deal from the earnings call. Predictions were popping up all over the place. And they all had a hollow ring to them. Although they are reporting the numbers, giving facts and making prognostications like carnival fortune tellers. They aren’t investigating. They aren’t looking deep enough to see the whole picture. So I began to check twitter for opinions. I found developers, employees of RIM and superfans, with as much excitement and dogged determination to make sure that RIM succeeds, as ever before.

I began to think back to BWC and BB10Jam in Orlando. The buzz in the air during this conference was amazing. Even the little bit I could see, was full of child like glee. Developers were so focused on what they were doing, it was like finals right before graduation. Vendors were actually genuinly excited. The media that attended was almost all positive, and the Superfans like me, were all making out our Christmas wishlist.

So, I turned to my faithful twitter clients, @Blaq for Playbook and @SocialScope for my 9810, and started to check the feel of #teamBlackBerry. I checked in with bloggers, some of whom are good friends, like @AgentBlackBerry from, @Rezn from, @djghettoredneck at, @N4BBLucas from and @Sleepy2009 and @SweetSthrnSass from I checked with developers, some of whom, again, are good friends. Developers like @JCarty, creator of the twitter client @Blaq, @Pootermobile, graphic artist and themer, @drkapprintice, pioneer of themes for OS7 devices like my beloved 9810, and @alexkinsella, part of Developer Relations for RIM. I checked in on the Superfans and employees, like @5ftinflipflops, @azjohnnych, @NikiDussault, and all the other people who are still with #teamBlackBerry.

That little bit of positivity started my brain down the path of investigating. I thought about a little computer company that wanted to turn itself around, and bring out a gamechanger. The media was brutal. I saw a similarity to RIM. Then I saw more, how Apple was declared dead before it had expired, how the media influenced the public, and fed off of that infleunce. I began to look at those similarities and think, “Why not? Why can Apple do this, yet RIM can’t?”

I have looked defeat in the eye, I am #teamBlackBerry, I am one of the people who do, and I love what I do.

Come on world, come and get me, I’m going to use my BlackBerry to make you my bitch.

His words express how we all felt during yesterday’s earnings call. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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