Concept Case For The Playbook Literati, Resembles Bamboo

A case made of bamboo would not be practical but the next best thing is for it to resemble bamboo. The idea is really neat, and the company behind the concept had this to say about the design:

“The design is modeled after the manuscripts of ancient China, where prior to the invention of paper, ‘books’ consisted of words carved into strips of bamboo, held together by string. While advancing in the text, a reader could coil the manuscript progressively into one hand. ‘Even with the advent of the printed-paper book,’ G.O.D notes, ‘this way of holding a book remained for chinese readers.”

As you can see in the picture, when using the playbook the cover rolls back which makes it easier to hold onto. When you aren’t using the playbook, the bamboo part covers the front.

Not in production at this time with no plans to produce, you can read more about it here.