Barclaycard Wireless Festival app now available in AppWorld

While this app isn’t going to be of much use to most people, it will make life easier for those of you attending the Barclaycard Wireless festival in Hyde Park, London this weekend.  The app was made in part by Vodafone and Live Nation and includes many features that will make your festival going much easier.  The best part is of course that the app is free, so even if you aren’t attending the festival you can always download it to check things out.  Hit the break to check out all the features and download link.

Item Description

The official 2012 Barclaycard Wireless festival app – powered by Vodafone.  Heading to Barclaycard Wireless? Don’t miss any of the action. This exciting app from Vodafone and Live Nation brings everything you need to make the most of your 2012 Barclaycard Wireless festival experience. See a full list of performances and create your own schedule, find your way around with an interactive map, get instant notifications if anything changes and lots more.

You don’t need to be a Vodafone customer to use it. But if you are, you could get exclusive benefits while you’re there – just check out the Vodafone VIP section under the Info tab.

Key features

  • Line-up – Search by artist and stage to see who’s playing, on what stage and when
  • My schedule – Keep track of all your favourite acts and their performance times
  • Map – Find your friends, make your way round the festival – and even set up meeting places
  • Social – See what everyone’s saying about your favourite acts on Twitter and Facebook and share your festival experience with friends
  • Photos – See the best snaps of the festival – and check if yours is up there
  • Information – Find out more about the event, venue and travel– plus, find the location of the Vodafone VIP recharge truck and our exclusive viewing platforms
  • Instant notifications – Get schedule updates and announcements as they happen
  • Easy navigation – you can now swipe left and right to scroll through the artists for each day
  • Reminders – you can now choose how much notice you get before an act’s about to start

The 2012 Barclaycard Wireless festival runs from 6-8 July – check out for more details.

Barclaycard Wireless is a Live Nation event.

* The app will download the latest updated schedule the first time you launch it, so you need to be connected via 3G or Wi-Fi. After that you can view the schedule on and offline – but you’ll need to be online to get updates and notifications.

Barclaycard Wireless Festival app in AppWorld