Getting Things Done With Blackberry

RIM is continuing on with their Get Things Done With Blackberry campaign. BizBlog has put together a list of what Blackberry features are good for going about this.

Use the phone:
I will admit I don’t use the phone as much as I use everything else. We should really go about using the phone for what it is for, that is talking on it. Blackberries have good call quality and pair up nicely with bluetooth headsets.

Enterprise instant messaging:
Having a business, this is crucial to getting in touch quickly without having to call for every little detail. This is something that other OS’ lack.

Centralize document storage and management:
Like the messaging, having it central to your own network you can access tons of files. You won’t have to download the file every time, attach and then send. Everyone can access the same files, which frees up the space on your actual phone.

Blackberry Messenger for Business:
You can have clients, employees, business partners all available on the same list. This way you could have multiple people messaging at the same time.

Third Party Apps:
There are lots of apps to download in Blackberry App World that aren’t native to Blackberry but can be beneficial. Hookt is a cross messaging platform and you can connect to others who have iOS or Android.

Check out the article at BizBlog.