How to Enable “Device Analyzer” on OS

If you are running OS 7.1 you will be happy to know that you can now enable “Device Analyzer” on your BlackBerry. Device Analyzer lets you run multiple diagnostic tests on your BlackBerry smartphone tests like: Internet Mail Account Issues, Battery Tests, Issues with Device Responsiveness, Cellular Network Connection Issues, Wi-Fi Connection Issues, and Hardware tests.

To Enable “Device Analyzer” on OS all you have to do is:

  1. Open “Options”
  2. Press and hold “ALT” and type “BBDA”
  3. Device Analyzer is now available in: Options > Device > Advanced System Settings > BlackBerry Device Analyzer.

Once this is completed you will have full access to the Device Analyzer.

Thanks you @rr_yy for sending this one in.


    I recommend this module to all version.

    I had 9860 with OS 7.1 bundle 2108, but since this version and last bundle 2061, did not have BB device analyzer module, I want to enable it again.

    Where’s the ALT key?