[Videos] RIM Community Managers Appreciate their #1inaMillion @BlackBerry Twitter Community

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To honor the 1 Million Team BlackBerry members who follow @BlackBerry on Twitter, the @BlackBerry social media community managers unite to celebrate what makes each follower #1inaMillion.

RIM Community Manager Melanie Responds to @Nikkyw2002’s #1inaMillion Tweet

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RIM Community Manager, Melanie, heard that Twitter follower @Nikkyw2002 is #1inaMillion because she likes to “dream big and not give up”, so we gave her a BlackBerry shout-out.

Community Manager Donny Reveals His #1inaMillion Fact to @BlackBerry Twitter Followers

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RIM Community Manager, Donny, reveals a random fact about why he’s #1inaMillion to the @BlackBerry community. What makes you different, unique, and special Team BlackBerry?

RIM Community Manager, Luke, Responds to a Team BlackBerry #1inaMillion Tweet.

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Luke, a social media community manager at RIM, reveals his #1inaMillion fear to a Team BlackBerry Twitter follower.

RIM Community Managers Applaud a #1inaMillion Twitter Follower

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We heard from a @BlackBerry follower who stated that he could clap “ridiculously loud”. The BlackBerry community managers salute his ability with this video response.

RIM Community Manager, Donny, Responds to #1inaMillion @BlackBerry Follower

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An @BlackBerry Twitter follower told us she is #1inaMillion for her accomplishments in fencing. The RIM community managers are in awe and offer our appreciation!

Community Manager, Mitchell, Talks to a #1inaMillion Twitter Follower

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Mitchell, Community Manager at RIM, shares an insider detail with a #1inaMillion follower of @BlackBerry

@BlackBerry Community Manager, Ty, Engages with a #1inaMillion Twitter Follower

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RIM Community Manager, Ty, shares a commonality with a #1inaMillion @BlackBerry Twitter follower.

RIM Community Manager, Luke, Salutes the Double-Jointed @BlackBerry Twitter Follower

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Fellow double-jointed citizen and @BlackBerry Community Manager, Luke, sends thanks to fellow followers of the #TeamBlackBerry Twitter community.

BlackBerry Community Managers Share their Nicknames, But What About Ty?

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The RIM Community Managers respond to @BlackBerry followers who shared their #1inaMillion nicknames. But, one member needs some help Team BlackBerry.

Thank You from RIM, Team BlackBerry. You Are All One In A Million!

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From all of the @BlackBerry Community Managers, RIM wants to thank you for sharing what makes you 1 in a Million. We are humbled by you and look forward to seeing you every day.