Q&A with RIM’s New Chief Marketing Officer, Frank Boulben

Research In Motion is really taking the media by storm, we now have a new interview with RIM’s New Chief Marketing Officer. Frank Boulben has just recently been interviewed by The Star, he has been quite since he left Lightsquared until now. Hit the break for more!

Here are a few interesting questions from the interview:

Q: When you joined RIM, what did you notice or discover about the BlackBerry brand?

A: The brand seems to be fragmented, from a perception point of view. One extreme is the U.S. The other is South Africa, where we’re No. 1.

Q: What aspect of RIM’s marketing has been a problem, and is it something you’d like to take a different approach to?

A: There hasn’t been a consistent thought or identity in all of our commercials. We are going to market BB10 in a much more unified way. The people who it’s aimed at have the same values and needs all around the world. Obviously, there will need to be some small differences in the advertising in each market, but the general theme will be the same.

 Head on over to The Star for the full interview. Please feel free to tell us what you think in the comments!