How To: Force Detect When BlackBerry Desktop Software Does Not Detect the Device

Well I have had a real crappy morning, I woke up to find my BlackBerry Bold 9900 turned off and plugged into the charger. I thought to myself WTH? My Bold never gets turned off unless I am doing a battery pull. So I unplugged my Berry and pressed the power button to turn the device back on, no dice… Ok, let me try a battery pull. So I did a battery pull  and low and behold it starts booting up or so I thought… The BlackBerry Bold 9900 got to about 75% booted (going by the status bar) and then it hangs and just sits there. So like anyone would do I try a few more battery pulls and still nothing.

So my next step was to try and get the BlackBerry Desktop Software to recognize the device. No luck there so I tried an old trick I learned years ago when I had a Berry do this to a friend. Basically you try to catch the device when you plug it in to a PC so you can wipe it to a 507 Error. This did not work… So I guess now I am screwed….

I called T-Mobile tech support and they were like oh it is a software issue, well no shit… She asked for my email and told me that she was going to send me the info on how to force the BlackBerry Desktop Software to see my Bold 9900. I was like okay I have to see this. Well after following the steps my 9900 is currently updating the OS! I thought I would share this info with you, that way if it happened to you or someone you know you can fix it with out calling your carrier. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND DOING THIS WILL ERASE EVERYTHING OFF YOUR BLACKBERRY DEVICE. MAKE SURE YOU KEEP YOUR BERRY BACKED UP!!

Here are the steps:

    1. On a computer, open Desktop Manager.
    2. Remove the battery from the device.
    3. Connect the device to the computer using a USB cable.
    4. When the ‘BlackBerry Desktop Software cannot communicate with the connected device’ screen appears, click Update.


    1. Verify that a loading screen displays.
    2. After 30 seconds, insert the battery.
    3. Click Update.
    4. When a new window appears, click Update.
    5. Select or clear the Email Notifications check boxes, as desired.


    1. When the ‘Update BlackBerry Device Software’ message displays, click OK.


  1. When complete, click Close.
  • Raam

    Thanks a zillion. it worked.

  • Raam


  • liza

    thanks this almost worked but whenever i click ok and it gets to the connecting to device part it takes forever and at the end it says something about retrying what can i do im really tired

  • linkut

    i following this steps but error when install update ” Reconnecting JVM “

  • Sammy

    you are a saviour!!! THANKYOU

  • Haydn

    I have tried constantly plugging my Blackberry into the USB without the battery, nothing happens at all, any ideas?

  • freddy

    Thanks so much for posting this. I messed up a upgrade and couldn’t connect to my 9900 (Bell) to do anything. Followed your instructions above and it worked perfect. After upgrading I restored everything using my backup from the same day. Up and running again. You saved me a lot of grief by posting this. Thanks again.

  • Ezhilvanan

    thanks Boss thanks a lot.. Its working fine

  • Vishant Ramratan

    you are 100% awesome!!!!!!

  • tarine jeanne

    thank you so much! this really helped because i thought i would have to send my phone to a store for repair but you saved me all that trouble.

  • jheezone

    hai .. as i finished clicking the UPDATE button, a dialogue box came up says “CONFIRM DEVICE REPAIR” , what will happen if i will click the repair option??

    a big help please…


  • Jems

    when i press “repair” after a few seconds it displays “no software update available” ! what to do ?? please help

  • unlockcellmobile

    make sure you remove the battery! that makes a big difference!

  • unlockcellmobile

    remove battery, once you hit the part where it says “reconnecting JVM” insert your battery and click retry, power on the device without disconnecting from USB cable. It should work. keep pressing retry and you will see it will load files all at once

  • Andy_Obi

    if you click repair it will try to install a fresh OS on the device. it’s a last resort. You can restore your files if you had backed them up previously.

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