QNX Auto And Blackberry 10

Automotive Product Marketing Manager Andy Gryc from QNX held a web seminar last month about “Understanding Mobile Apps for Automotive”. QNX Auto is going to be mobile apps for autos, hence the name. At the seminar Andy talked about how developers could get their apps into the auto mobile platform. He talked about the difference between apps for phones and apps for cars. Developing technology for a car can take much longer than for mobile. How often do we really see new car technology? Developers for QNX Auto will have to be much more careful about what kind of technology they design because it could be very distracting to the driver.

It will be neat to see the kinds of apps that are designed specifically for cars. Music, and GPS are the only ones that come to mind. Maybe they can enrich the music listening experience.
You can download the webinar recording from here.