Nokia adds three more patents to their suit against RIM

In the current mobile technology environment it seems like everyone is filing some kind of patent suit against someone else.  Nokia launched a suit against RIM back in May, and today Nokia has added three more patents to the suit.  Both of the parties involved in this one have quite an extensive patent portfolio so this one should be interesting.

The three added patents are,

  1. EP1474750 on a “method and system for storing and transferring multimedia tags”Nokia is also asserting this one against HTC in Mannheim.
  2. EP08040461 on a “method and apparatus for updating the software of a mobile terminal using the air interface”
  3. EP1148681 on a “method for transferring resource information”

The suit is so far limited to Germany, the country that is quickly becoming the patent lawsuit haven, but it could move to other countries down the road. Many experts have stated that Nokia’s portfolio is stronger than RIM’s and Nokia is expected to win this one in the end. Analysts are also expecting RIM to launch a counter-suit against Nokia on a patent(s) that the BlackBerry maker owns.