MoneyMind App For Blackberry, Keep Track Of Your Expenses

You could start up your own expense list under the notes app, but that would only show what you spent. It would be time consuming to go through lists and try to total items up over months. That’s pretty much the premise of MoneyMind, it tracks your expense in categories and can go back into the month prior. It also generates expense reports!

App Description:

Have you thought lately about what happen with your money? What are you spending it for? How much are you able to save every month? Which one of your expenses overtax your budget the most?

With MoneyMind app you don’t have to worry about it anymore! MoneyMind allows efficient tracking of all your expenses by dividing them into Categories. MoneyMind presents all your expenses from the last 24 hours as well as from the last months. It generates expenses reports and exports them to CSV files. Thanks to that you have an access to the history of your expenses anytime you want!

– Log your expenses by defining Categories, costs and remarks,
– Maintain your Categories by defining their names and descriptions,
– Generate expenses reports and save them to CSV files,
– Multilanguage support: English, Polish, German, French, Spanish and Italian,
– Create backup of expenses and Categories.

Buy it for 99 cents at Blackberry App World.

  • Tom D.

    Got it a couple days ago… and it’s great! Simple and helpful.