Qantas Airlines is making the move from BlackBerry to iPhone

Today news has broken that Qantas Airlines in Australia is getting ready to move all their 1,300 employees off of BlackBerry smartphones and moving them to iPhones. The company has done surveys within the organization and has found that the majority of their employees would prefer to have an iPhone over a BlackBerry.  Further more Qantas will be looking at millions of dollars a year in savings with this move.

“We haven’t started (the transition) yet but it’s not just the crew. We’re actually moving away from BlackBerry across the board,” Qantas chief information officer Paul Jones said. ”We haven’t started (the transition) yet but it’s not just the crew. We’re actually moving away from BlackBerry across the board.”

The main reason that Qantas will be saving so much money is due in part to the carrier fees that RIM charges for access to their servers.  We have heard previous rumors that Verizon and AT&T in the United States are trying to re-negotiate these fees in order to make promoting BlackBerry devices a better business model.

Qantas is not alone in their move away from RIM and BlackBerry.  The Australian division of IBM has also stated that they will be taking their 500 employees from BlackBerry to iPhone, which will result in a $1.4 million a year in savings.

A RIM spokeswoman in Australia continued to preach about the security benefits of staying with the BlackBerry fold, “No one has a better track record of securely managing mobile devices in the workplace than RIM. Our infrastructure is trusted by some of the most security-conscious organisations in the world — including the Australian government.”  At this point though is RIM’s previous dominance of security enough to keep enterprise customers from leaving?  the annual savings from leaving BlackBerry speaks volumes for leaving, however I am sure that there are still many companies that simply do not want to fork out the cash to do a complete switch.  A company of thousands, or tens of thousands would have to spend quite a bit of cash on devices to switch everyone over to a new mobile platform.


Source:N4BB via The Australian