U.S. Cellular Launches “Hello Better” Campaign

Today U.S. Cellular is launching a new program for its customers called the “Hello Better” campaign.  The big push of this campaign is to give wireless customers more reasons to switch to USC thru all of the promotional offers.  Hit the break for more details.The “better” options of the U.S. Cellular promos range from an activation credit of up to $300 on a new account coupled with a train in program that will allow customers to receive up to $200 when they trade in their old devices.

When it comes to the plans that are available they have revamped them as well.  Single line users can get unlimited voice/messaging for just shy of &70. Multi-line or family users can get that same plan for $99.99 for 2 lines. Data service is a la carte and will run $25 for 2GB of data per phone.