TalkBox is Now Out of Beta and in App World

TalkBox for BlackBerry is Now Out of Beta and in App World! The app is considered to be a voice chat app/walkie talkie. I think of it as a glorified voice mail app kinda. You can send voice messages to people all over the world. Or even do a voice post on Twitter or Facebook.Experience the fastest messaging on BlackBerry!

TalkBox is sending messages with your voice and with text input supports.
Join millions of TalkBox users around the world and exchange voice messages free-of-charge with your friends!

What’s new in v1?

This new v1.0 has release notes including:

  • Better battery management for BIS push notification service.
  • Added hot-keys for easy and convenient use: To Top(T), To Bottom(B), Scroll Down(X), Scroll Up(E), Change Page( P), Refresh(R ), Search(S), Reconnect(Z), Quit(Q)
  • Custom push notification settings.
  • Generally enhancing the launch performance after first time launch.
  • A better and more straight forward user interface.
  • Now can login with your Facebook account!
  • Auto connect to Talkbox after restarting device.
  • Enhance server stability for BlackBerry.
  • Enhance background connection mechanics.
  • Minor bug fix for previous versions.



  • Push-to-talk (PTT) INSTANT Walkie Talkie, voice messaging, text messaging, photo sharing and location sharing with your friends
  • Multi-Platform support
  • Post voice to Facebook, Twitter and make broadcast to all your friends
  • Address Book and Facebook contacts Integration
  • Support various connection including BIS, MDS, WiFi, WAP2 and TCP
  • Support both custom push notification and BIS push service
  • Custom push notification settings
  • Hot-keys for easy and convenient use

Device Requirements:

  • Blackberry OS 5.0 or above
  • External SD card is required

Head on over to the BlackBerry App World to download TalkBox.