Important Notice To Devs: RIM Makes Changes To App World Vendor Agreement

There was some issue with the previous update to the Vendor Agreement, so RIM has gone ahead and cleared up some things. RIM now allows apps to purchased through third party. That is you don’t have to have your in app payment go through Blackberry App World, but RIM will charge a 30% Secondary Revenue Fee.

The portion below is the part that RIM clarifies.

Vendor Agreement Update:

As we previously communicated to you, in the coming months we will be rolling out a new Payment Service named BlackBerry Commerce which will transition RIM to become the Merchant of Record for BlackBerry App World Credit Card & PayPal only transactions. The goal is to enhance the distribution experience, make it easier for you to administer payment acceptance and to ensure compliance with the tax requirements of many countries that Vendors sell into through BlackBerry App World. At launch, BlackBerry Commerce will become the primary Merchant of Record for App World transactions through Credit Card & PayPal.

The BlackBerry Commerce Value Proposition

A seamless transaction for customers to deal directly with Research In Motion E-Commerce which improves the overall experience, provides a simplified and flexible payment process and in turn drives customer loyalty
Enable a wider variety of payment types to tailor and personalize how customers buy products and services demonstrating that we understand and cater to their needs
Research In Motion E-Commerce will bring new and innovative payment types to customers increasing their choice, flexibility and ease of transacting
Facilitate compliance with the tax requirements of many countries

Important Details

The primary change in the Vendor Agreement is the removal of the requirement to exclusively use the BlackBerry Payment Service for in-app product transactions. The definition of Secondary Revenue and the applicability of the Secondary Revenue Fee have been clarified. Additionally, the countries associated with the agent appointments for the RIM E-Commerce Inc. and RIM E-Commerce S.à.r.l. entities have been changed such that all countries previously associated with RIM E-Commerce Inc. (other than Canada) are now associated with RIM E-Commerce S.à.r.l.
We will require certain Tax Information. Information regarding the documentation we require and instructions on where to upload it to the Vendor Portal can be found below
We will begin to issue Vendor payments in Fall 2012

Check out the RIME Store Vendor Agreement 071112cl here and RIME Store Vendor Agreement 050812cl-RIME Store Vendor Agreement 071112cl here.