Cascades, What’s New, Improved And Coming

Cascades Tooling Beta 2 got an update. Going on user feedback, they have improved the design view, mainly by replacing the red/green error cue with an error indication that is much easier to notice.

Outline view improvements, previously was read only, now you can drag components, rearrange objects and remove objects.

New project templates, there are 8 total, almost covering all possibilities for application creation scenarios.

QML source editing improvements, the error coding for this was fixed. Color settings for syntax highlighting, is customizable now with the option of coloring your QML code.

Cascades Exporter was improved, it no longer has a lag, much faster and easier to work with. It also received a UI control palette.

Still to come is QML components aware validation and code assist, as well as, support for comment toggling, code indentation.

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