Latest BlackBerry10 Beta SDKs Are Available For Download

Tim Neil over at Blackberry DevBlog released the schedule of the upcoming Blackberry 10 Beta SDK release dates. He also mentions what RIM is planning to do, even saying that it is something that RIM has never done. And that is, share the feature release plan for each of the runtimes with devs.

He goes on to say:

“The beta roadmaps will be posted in the form of flight arrival boards so that you can see the feature, the flight/release it is on, the scheduled arrival time and the current status. These roadmaps should be available in a couple of weeks.”

The BlackBerry 10 SDK Beta schedule looks like the following:

R4: May SDK Beta Release (first beta)
R6: July SDK Beta Release (just launched)
R8: September SDK Beta Release (API Freeze, Binary Compatible with Gold)
R9: October SDK Beta Release (bug fixes)
R10: November Gold SDK Release (bug fixes)

Read the full article at the DevBlog.