RIM Files Patent on Emotion Input While Messaging

Here is an interesting patent Research In Motion has  recently filed for, the patent covers a new and possible revolutionary form of input to a device while messaging someone. Think about it like this you are extremely upset at your friend for cracking the screen on your PlayBook and not telling you about it. You then decide to BBM them to find out why they didn’t tell you. Well while typing the BBM you are pressing on the device hard and making faces.

The BlackBerry is reading you like a cover of a book, how you ask? Well the Blackberry would be using tons of sensors from an accelerometer, front camera or pressure sensor, to read your emotions. By doing this the message can have more feeling in the message. For instance the message would show up like this “I HATE the fact that YOU DIDN’T tell me YOU BROKE my PLAYBOOK!!!” It is defiantly an interesting patent to say the least. Let us know what you think in the comments!


Source: USPTO

Via: Engadget