Voice Commands Running on the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha (Siri-like)

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Thanks to @fortneyland95 for the video!

With yesterday’s release of the much anticipated BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha came some new features and a surprise! The Dev Alpha is now sporting a Siri-like function!! After many hours of trying to get the new update to load on our Dev Alpha I was finally able to get it to load this morning using a little trick. So after speaking with my good buddy Rick he informed me of the new feature (our Dev Alpha was still loading).

So how do you get the feature to work? Well that is simple press and hold the play/pause button on the side and you are off to the races! The voice command sounds strikingly similar to Siri herself, but we are thinking it is from Nuance (we could be wrong). Let us know what you think in the comments.