BlackBerry 10.0.4 pack 197 for the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G!?!?!

Now here is a bit of interesting info our friends over at BlackBerry-fr have gotten there hands on some screen shots that show off the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G as 3G+ along with an OS update to v10.0.4 update pack 197. Yesterday RIM released updates to BlackBerry Desktop Manager once the update was installed v10.0.4 update pack 197 popped up to be installed on the PlayBook.

It is possible that this is just an alpha/beta OS update for the BlackBerry PlayBook, but at this time there is not much more information on this update. If you know anything about what has changed or have screen shots please email us at as we would like to get to the bottom of this.

Via: BlackBerry-fr