[UPDATED] T-Mobile Data Outage Being Reported [UPDATED Part 2]

[UPDATE 2] As of 10 minutes ago my messages have started to come through my T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9900! Service seems to have been restored!

If you want to know what happened I was informed that a server died and it effected mainly T-Mobile, Wind, Metro PCS as well as BES customers.


[UPDATE 1] RIM has issued the following statement:

We are aware that some users on the T-Mobile USA network have reported a service issue and we are currently investigating the issue with T-Mobile. BlackBerry customers on other networks in the United States and other countries are unaffected.

There are reports swirling the interested right now that T-Mobile customers are experiencing a full blown data outage(myself included). As you can see from the image on this post my NVM message are not going through.  People are reporting that the issue is T-Mobile’s fault while other people are saying it is a BIS issue on RIM’s side. Service is said to be restored in 2 hours, it will be restored at 10pm tonight, and so on. Let us know in the comments if you hear anything.



  • yea mines was down earlier today, but called t-mo and they rectified the prob.

  • Tom

    It’s a TMO network issue. I have both a BB and an Android phone on TMO in Chicago. Neither are working. I called to troubleshoot, but no luck yet. They, too, gave me the boilerplate 2-hour turnaround time for a fix.

  • I just spoke with TMO and they still do not have an ETA on a fix for this outage… I am stating to go through withdraws big time now….