Viber for BlackBerry Gets Updated to v2.2.14

Viber for BlackBerry has been updated to v2.2.14 in App World. Viber allows you to send photo messages and free texts through the app. Viber has been around for iOS and Android for a little while now, so it nice to see it come to BlackBerry. Viber lets you send text and photo messages, anywhere in the world (Free calls coming soon as well). All you need is a 3G or WiFi connection, and friends who get Viber too.

What’s New?

  • Option to change nic
  • Add photo profile photo
  • Posts in groups

Viber is simple to use – it integrates seamlessly with your existing address book and users your cell phone number as your Viber ID.

Viber is constantly innovating and introducing new features, platforms and possibilities. Get it, you’ll like it.
*Operator data charges may apply

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